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1829 Young Adult Fellowship David Enos 760-365-0769
A New Creation for Women Dorothy Balion   760-550-3516
Anchored by Love - Divorce Support Charity Matheson (442)227-0355
Calvary Chapel Riding Ministry Rocky West 760-365-0769
Camping Minstry Tony and Anita Williams 760-880-4881
Climbing With Christ Joe & Carey De Luca (909)261-5449
Celebration of Life (food prep and family support) Sandra Comparsi 760-219-3089
Couples Ministry Jack Rarick 760-228-1829
Cookie Minsitry Martie Olsen 760-821-3171
Desert Hope: Coffee with Jesus in 29 Palms Gena Pliss   760-221-4342
Designed as Able Conquerors- Disabilities Outreach Angela Coate 909-809-4340
Diabetic Support Group Bob Wagner 760-820-2187
Forever Free (Co Dependency) Kelly Hart



Firefighters for Christ Gabriel Hammett 760-799-8119
Free From Bondage Jonathen Wuite   760-365-0769
Future & A Hope (Malawi Missions) Merrily Hagerman 760-365-0769
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Charlotte Huglett 760-228-1062
Hosptial & CCC Chaplin (No One Dies Alone) Sandra Comparsi 760-219-3089
Hospital Chaplain Services Jane Crawford 760-831-6445
Jail Ministry & Visitation Randy Shumate 760-228-9658
Jesus Film Team Ministry Chuck Springer 760-669-4114
JSCC Bible College Bob Wagner 760-820-2187
JSCC Childcare Carolyn Darr   760-401-1197
JSCC Children's Ministry Adam Everhart 760-401-4713
JSCC Junior High Ministry BJ Huether / Jeff Sherman 760-365-0769
JSCC Music Minsitry Greg Rogers 760-365-0769
JSCC Nursery Adam Everhart 760-401-4713
JSCC Sr. High Minstry BJ Huether / Riley White   208-948-5880
Joshua Springs Academy Gabe Hammett 760-365-3599
Joshua Springs Christian School Fem Ontiveros 760-365-3599
Joshua Springs Independent Studies Marcie Carter   760-365-3599
Joshua Springs JAVA Charity Matheson (442)227-0355
Joshua Springs Pre-School Cherlyn Henderson 760-365-2140
Joshua Springs Thrift Store Kathy White 760-365-4555
Ladies Alone/Sisters in Christ DeAnn Kerns 760-464-3885
Life@Home - Family Ministry Shannon Eckenroth 520-548-7844
Men's Ministry Mike Kelliher 760-792-4143
Men's Prostate Cancer Support Sheldon Hough 760-365-6609
Missions Ministry Merrily Hagerman 760-365-0769
Mountain Moving Prayer Jerel Hagerman 760-365-0769
People Helping People (Meals & Support for the Ill & hurt) Diane Smith 760-831-6429
Prayer Chain Shirley Pantoja 760-365-5559
Spanish Ministry Elios Arias 760-974-6962
Ushering Ministry John Barbrowski   760-567-2006
Vote Now Becky Vowels 619-884-3542
Warriors on the Wall Margaret Dumm 760-364-4325
Watchmen at JS Becky Vowels 619-884-3542
Wedding Ceremony Coordination & Booking Debi Wagner 760-365-0769
Women's Ministry Merrily Hagerman 760-774-1435
Women's Worship Ministry Debi Wagner 760-365-0769
Wounded Refuge Pam DeWitt 760-265-8086




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57373 Joshua Lane, Yucca Valley, CA 92284 | Phone: (760) 365-0769 - Fax: (760) 369-0315
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